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S2ki Wake the Dragon 2016 Part 1

Wake the Dragon is one of the annual s2ki trips to the Tail of the Dragon/Deals Gap. It was my first year going and it took a lot of coaxing and even ended up being a pretty last minute decision for me. Needless to say I was extremely happy I went. You’ll notice my car is not in any pictures. I planned on driving down, but the weeks leading up to the event I was dealing with a few minor issues. I thought I fixed everything to have it reappear the Sunday before we left. Rather than risk it I took […]

The Former RealTime Racing Integra Type R Restored to All of its Glory

Here is my latest and what has turned out to be my last feature for Honda Tuning Magazine. For those that haven’t heard, the magazine along with a bunch of other Source Interlink Media titles is being shut down or folding into others. I’m not here to give you an editorial on my view point on the whole situation at the moment. Below you’ll find the shoot I did of Bernies RTR ITR during Expo 13, both the published photos and unpublished, including the ones we did on the track of Mid-Ohio itself. So enjoy the pics and check out the Honda […]

Honda’s Discontd Mistake

Today I bring you a look at Stan’s 2005 Honda S2000. I’ve known Stan for a few years now. Our first meeting, I believe, was at the Sandy Hook meet in NJ back in 2010. This was before I picked up my own S2000 so there was no way for either of us to know that we’d eventually meet again and become good friends. With Wekfest NJ quickly approaching, Stan hit me up to get some pictures of his new look for his application. I happily obliged as I knew the care and quality Stan puts into his s2000 every […]