The Former RealTime Racing Integra Type R Restored to All of its Glory

Here is my latest and what has turned out to be my last feature for Honda Tuning Magazine. For those that haven’t heard, the magazine along with a bunch of other Source Interlink Media titles is being shut down or folding into others. I’m not here to give you an editorial on my view point on the whole situation at the moment. Below you’ll find the shoot I did of Bernies RTR ITR during Expo 13, both the published photos and unpublished, including the ones we did on the track of Mid-Ohio itself. So enjoy the pics and check out the Honda Tuning article to get all the info on the car.


field_profile_tele2 field_profile_tele field_headon_wide_portrait

field_headon_tele2 field_headon_tele field_front_threequarter_wide6 field_front_threequarter_wide5

field_front_threequarter_wide4 field_front_threequarter_wide3 field_front_threequarter_wide2 field_front_threequarter_wide

field_front_threequarter_wide_portrait field_front_threequarter_tele3 strutbar speedvision_banner

rtr_oilcap rim_portrait_track rear_threequarter_wide_track rear_threequarter_tele_track4

rear_threequarter_tele_track3 rear_threequarter_tele_track2 rear_threequarter_tele_track plumb_sticker

naegele_sticker mirror_signature itrca_sticker interior interior_5 interior_4

interior_3 interior_2 interior_1 headlight_closeup front_threequarter_track5 front_threequarter_track4

front_threequarter_track3 front_threequarter_track2 front_threequarter_track front_threequarter_track_portrait front_threequarter_tele_track5 front_threequarter_tele_track4

front_threequarter_tele_track3 front_threequarter_tele_track2 front_threequarter_tele_track field_rear_threequarter_wide2 field_rear_threequarter_wide field_rear_threequarter_tele field_front_threequarter_tele2

field_front_threequarter_tele field_front_threequarter_tele_portrait field_bernie_with_car2 field_bernie_with_car field_bernie_incar enginebay engine



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