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Unreleased: Andrew’s 2001 Acura Integra Type R

Before the PA Meet, I met up with Andrew and his 2001 ITR. This too was scheduled to be a Honda Tuning feature, but never found its way in before the magazine shut down for good. At a casual glance it looks like a simply mint, stock ITR, but hidden within is an 85.5mm x 89mm B18C5 with 15.5:1 compression pistons. All said and done, it puts down 281 to the wheels with 115 octane. Now take a look at this previously unreleased set:  

Honda’s Discontd Mistake

Today I bring you a look at Stan’s 2005 Honda S2000. I’ve known Stan for a few years now. Our first meeting, I believe, was at the Sandy Hook meet in NJ back in 2010. This was before I picked up my own S2000 so there was no way for either of us to know that we’d eventually meet again and become good friends. With Wekfest NJ quickly approaching, Stan hit me up to get some pictures of his new look for his application. I happily obliged as I knew the care and quality Stan puts into his s2000 every […]

My Used & Abused ITR

I’m sure there are some people out there that may view my car as a show queen that sits in the garage and is rarely driven. While I may not drive it as much as I wish I did, the purpose of this shoot was to show its not just a show queen. Bought over two years ago with only 16,000 miles on the odometer, it now reads over 35,000. It has seen the track numerous times (not the 1/4 mile kind) and has gone through two rebuilds due to mishaps on track. So here it is in its dirty […]