Unreleased: Andrew’s 2001 Acura Integra Type R

Before the PA Meet, I met up with Andrew and his 2001 ITR. This too was scheduled to be a Honda Tuning feature, but never found its way in before the magazine shut down for good. At a casual glance it looks like a simply mint, stock ITR, but hidden within is an 85.5mm x 89mm B18C5 with 15.5:1 compression pistons. All said and done, it puts down 281 to the wheels with 115 octane.

Now take a look at this previously unreleased set:


profile_tele front_threequarter_tele itr_sticker black_and_yellow engine_baybdl_fuel_rail laskey_sticker centerconsole cluster rear_badgeshiftknob profile_wide rear_threequarter_tele acura quarter_panel_sticker front_threequarter_wide2 rear_threequarter_tele2 front_threequarter_wide rear_badgerear_end_telerear_end_wide