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Unreleased: Evans Tuning Part 1: 1998 Honda Civic Hatch

Of everything I shot for Honda Tuning that got cancelled after its demise, this shoot, almost two years old now, is the one I wished had made it to print the most. Jeff and the team at Evans Tuning have been around for a long time. They are one of the few shops that I ever leave my ITR in the hands of and as a customer I’ve known Jeff for a number of years now. Of anyone, they were the most deserving shop I know to get a feature. Everything that comes out of there, from just a tune to a […]

Unreleased: Hondaworks’ Honda Challenge Civic Hatch

Last week I shared with you the unreleased photos from OktoberFast at VIR from 2011. Well during that same event I happened to do this photoshoot of the Hondaworks Honda Challenge Civic, driven and owned by Kevin Helms. It was originally destined to be in print, but there was a bit of delay on some stuff and then the livery of the car was changed, essentially making these photos immediately outdated. This is also why you’ll see a lot of similar angles and stuff as I was trying to provide different options of what could be used. I don’t remember the exact […]

Unreleased: OktoberFast at VIR from 2011

Hey everyone. We’ve got a few photos today that I’ve never released previously. The event was the NASA OktoberFast at VIR back in October 2011. There are only a few photos as I was driving for the weekend, and sadly this is the last time my ITR has been on track. In true Octoberfest fashion, VIR had a beer festival that Saturday night. We paid whatever amount and were given a glass that we could have filled up to nine times with a variety of different beers on hand. Many drinks were had by everyone. And on to the few […]

ITR Expo 12 Part 3

Here we are with part 3 of ITR Expo 12. Today will take us from mid morning up and through the lunch hour with the parade laps. I should also probably mention for those that haven’t seen, but ITR Expo 13 has been announced. The tentative dates are Sept 9-10 at Mid-Ohio again. As always it will be open to all makes and models. Be sure to check on www.itrexpo.com for more info as it becomes available. With the talks of Expo 13, I’d just like to thank the Expo committee for putting this event on. Many people that don’t frequent […]