Mark’s ITR: Honda Tuning Feature

On the day of the PA Meet back in 2013 I also happened to shoot two ITR’s meant for features for Honda Tuning. Unfortunately, only one made it to print before the magazine closed down. This is that one. Mark’s 98 ITR, which formerly belonged to Jon D. Jon did a great right up on the car and what the “R” experience is all about. I highly recommend giving it a read.

cluster front_three_quarter_low front_three_quarter_low_wide front_strut_bar engine

front_strut_bar front_three_quarter3 front_three_quarter2 front_three_quarter front_three_quarter_low front_three_quarter_low_wide

headon_tele rear_three_quarter_widelow rear_three_quarter_tele rear_tele itr_sticker interior

recaro rim_wide rim_portrait recaro2