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NSXPO 2011 Part 3 of 3

Here we are with the conclusion of my NSXPO 2011 coverage at NJMP. Sorry for not getting it up yesterday, between a late night on Saturday and Sunday spending some time with the family and the Super Bowl, it didn’t happen. Not to mention, I’m sure many people were watching the Super Bowl and this would have just gotten lost in the mix anyway. NSXPO was a great time and I’m really hoping to get out there again this year as a driver. It’ll be at VIR (Virginia International Raceway) and is only about seven hours from me. I’ve run […]

NSXPO 2011 Part 2 of 3

Back here with part 2 of 3 of my NSXPO 2011 coverage at NJMP. It really was a sight to see with all of the NSX’s. I see them occasionally on the roads, but it’s pretty rare to see this many all together. Unlike ITR Expo, NSXPO is a five day event with the first half being a social event where the number of NSX’s in attendance is much higher and is open only to NSX owners. They do different car related activities, like this particular year some of the events included a drive through the mountains in Pennsylvania and […]

These aren’t the Expo Pics you’re looking for… Previously unreleased NSXPO 2011 pictures Part 1

I know many of you are paitently waiting for the ITR Expo 12 pictures and unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little longer. However, to fill that gap I realized I never posted my NSXPO pictures anywhere. NSXPO 2011 took place in September 2011 at New Jersey Motorsports Park on their Lightening course. So I took the two hour trip with my brother, Rich, to cover the event for Honda Tuning. The original article can be seen here. I’ll be breaking the event into three posts as there are about 150 photos. For those interested NSXPO 2013 will be held at […]