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Facebook Fan Page Live

Finally decided to launch a facebook page for meilink vision. The link is to the right or you can click here:

My 1st Honda Tuning feature + ITR Expo 10 coverage

Finally got my first photo feature with Honda Tuning + my coverage of ITR expo 10 all in the October 2010 issue. Also don’t miss out on the k24 s2k, millers 8 second EG and plenty more. Big thanks to Jeff (the owner) for giving me the oppurtunity to shoot the car, Aaron Bonk for getting me started with this shoot and Rodrez for seeing it through to the end to get published and the chance to cover Expo.   :thumbup: Help support print and your favorite magazines. Go and buy!

Location Scouting

This past week I’ve spent some time everyday scouting locations for my next D2life video. I grabbed the rebel, rather than the 7d or 1d since either of those would have been overkill for some simple snapshots. Nonetheless I could not avoid taking a picture of my car…

And we’re back

So the other day I totally updated the site and then the next day it pops up with a google malware warning. I’ve fixed the problem and hopefully I don’t have to go down again. So anyways, enjoy the new look to the site with all new updates. And keep checking back as updates with be a constant thing from now on.