Unreleased: Evans Tuning Part 2: The Evans/Bader 2001 Honda s2000

Only three months after the initial post do I bring on part two. I guess it’s not that bad with my track record lately.

The s2000 here was built by Evan’s Tuning for Bader Dashti of B-Tune Performance in Kuwait. It was another shoot scheduled for a Honda Tuning (RIP) feature. The car has made consistent 8 second passes and at the time of the photoshoot it was making over 1000 whp. These kinds of numbers were achieved with a Borg Warner 72mm s400sx with an 87mm Turbine wheel, a 90mm accufab throttle body, a full race turbo manifold all attached to an 87×91 black with 10:1 CP pistons and Inline Pro billet stage 3 cams.

Putting the power to the ground is a Gforce 4 speed dog box transmission, a competition triple disc clutch and competition flywheel. The rear end is a Ford 8.8 with a wavetrac LSD with a custom driveshaft shop driveshaft and their level 5.9 axles.
Bader has been a Honda man for many years, building mostly FWD chassis, like many of us. In Kuwait he has helped build all kinds of s2000s for street, autocross and strip, some with forced induction and others naturally aspirated. The goal with this s2000 was to build an s2000 that looked mostly factory in appearance both in the interior and exterior while producing impressive power and being able to compete with six cylinder engines in the super street class in Kuwait.


In no particular order, the s2000:

s2000_turbo s2000_turbo_manifold s2000_trunk s2000_tial_wastegates s2000_taillight s2000_switches s2000_skunk2_coilover s2000_shifter s2000_setting_up s2000_setting_up_2 s2000_setting_up_1 s2000_rim_wide s2000_rim_portrait s2000_rearcage s2000_rear_window_sticker s2000_rear_threequarter_wide3 s2000_rear_threequarter_wide2 s2000_rear_threequarter_wide s2000_rear_threequarter_tele2 s2000_rear_threequarter_tele s2000_rear_suspension s2000_rear_stickers s2000_radiator_fill s2000_pushing s2000_pushing_2 s2000_pushing_1

s2000_profile_wide2 s2000_profile_wide s2000_profile_wide_portrait s2000_profile_tele s2000_personal s2000_parchutehandle s2000_parachute s2000_m-t s2000_kirkeyseat s2000_kinsler s2000_hood_quickrelease s2000_hood_exhaust s2000_headon_wide s2000_headon_tele2 s2000_headon_tele s2000_headlight s2000_headlight_1 s2000_front_threequarter_wide5 s2000_front_threequarter_wide4 s2000_front_threequarter_wide3 s2000_front_threequarter_wide2 s2000_front_threequarter_wide s2000_front_threequarter_tele3 s2000_front_threequarter_tele2 s2000_front_threequarter_tele s2000_front_threequarter_lowwide s2000_flags s2000_flags_tele s2000_flags_1 s2000_exhaust_through_hood s2000_exhaust_through_hood_2 s2000_exhaust_through_hood_1 s2000_engine2 s2000_engine s2000_dash

s2000_bader_sticker s2000_ati s2000_and_civic3 s2000_and_civic2 s2000_and_civic jeff_and_andrea evansteam