ITR Expo 13 Part 10: The Conclusion

I apologize for the huge delay between part 9 and 10. I know a lot of you wanted prints so I was double checking that the new store I implemented was working, to find out that it wasn’t. It’s still in the process of trying to be fixed so for now here’s part 10. For those that want prints in the mean time, you can either email me at or shoot me a message on the forums or FB. Sale pricing is as follows:

8×10: $12 shipped

19×13: $35 shipped

24×36: $65 shipped.


IMG_5482 IMG_5490 IMG_5502 IMG_5506

IMG_5508 IMG_5522 IMG_5530 IMG_5570 IMG_5571 IMG_5573 IMG_5577

IMG_5580 IMG_5587 IMG_5590 IMG_5596 IMG_5599 IMG_5607 IMG_5615

IMG_5622 IMG_5627 IMG_5636 IMG_5640 IMG_5645 IMG_5666 IMG_5669

IMG_5694 IMG_5697 IMG_5719 IMG_5720 IMG_5741 IMG_5751 IMG_5756

IMG_5761 IMG_5766 IMG_5772 IMG_5775 IMG_5790 IMG_5844 IMG_5858

IMG_5862 IMG_5866 IMG_5893 IMG_5903 IMG_5916 IMG_5941 IMG_5947

IMG_5962 IMG_5968 IMG_5989 IMG_5999 IMG_6002 IMG_6005 IMG_6016

IMG_6019 IMG_6030 IMG_6036 IMG_6040 IMG_6044 IMG_6048 IMG_6063

IMG_6075 IMG_6088 IMG_6113 IMG_6116 IMG_6123 IMG_6145 IMG_6153

IMG_6161 IMG_6166 IMG_6171 IMG_6173 IMG_6178 IMG_6190 IMG_6200

IMG_6206 IMG_6234 IMG_6255 IMG_6265 IMG_6271 IMG_6274 IMG_6280