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ITR Expo 13 Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my coverage of ITR Expo 13 on this wonderful Friday wouldn’t you say? At the current pace I may still be doing posts after Expo 14, which means I may have to step the pace up a bit or making each part bigger. Right now I’ve been doing about 70 pictures per post and I still have a lot more to go. Photographically, this was probably the best coverage I’ve done of an Expo, in my opinion. I know for the most part everyone likes me captioning the photos, but with so many to go through […]

ITR Expo 13 Part 2

Here comes part 2 for you ladies. Today we’ll be going through a little hotel action after tech followed by the morning drivers meeting. From there we’ll finally see some track action. I know you guys love seeing all the other aspects other than the track stuff so I did try to incorporate that more into my shooting this year. Since I wasn’t driving it also made it a bit easier and less stressful to accomplish. If you didn’t catch part one out check it here.   Ravi chilling in his NSX he drove out from Arizona. Unfortunately, I don’t remember […]

ITR Expo 13, Part 1: The Journey to Mid-Ohio

Here it is. What you’ve all been waiting for. Expo 13. With Expo 14 in two weeks it’s time to share everything from Expo 13. For 13 we were at Mid-Ohio yet again. I was excited as this year I’d get back on track with the R and finally see what the ITB’s could do. Well of course with my luck a few months before hand the motor went kaboom. I tried to get the new setup down in time, but unfortunately the stars didn’t align for me so I was left to bring the S2000 (yeah I know what […]

The Former RealTime Racing Integra Type R Restored to All of its Glory

Here is my latest and what has turned out to be my last feature for Honda Tuning Magazine. For those that haven’t heard, the magazine along with a bunch of other Source Interlink Media titles is being shut down or folding into others. I’m not here to give you an editorial on my view point on the whole situation at the moment. Below you’ll find the shoot I did of Bernies RTR ITR during Expo 13, both the published photos and unpublished, including the ones we did on the track of Mid-Ohio itself. So enjoy the pics and check out the Honda […]

ITR Expo 13 coverage coming to Honda Tuning Soon!

    For those that haven’t seen, Honda Tuning Magazine released this photo on their Facebook fan page the other day. So keep a look out for the upcoming issue with all the coverage in it. With over 25k likes I hope a few of you buy a copy. With the shutting down of Modified Magazine, we need to support print and the magazines we love more than ever.

ITR Expo Part 5: The Finale

All great things must come to an end and today is the end of the ITR Expo coverage. It’s been a great five days and everyone has been so receptive of it and I thank you all for that. I swear my newsfeed has pretty much only been my pictures being posted as people shared everything. For anyone looking for more track coverage or wanting to possible get more pictures on track, right now my only two definite events scheduled are NSXPO in October at VIR and ITR Expo 13 at Mid-Ohio in September. I will be covering both for […]

ITR EXPO 12 Part 4

So back with Part 4 of 5 of ITR Expo 12 at Mid-Ohio. The coverage here will finish the rest of day one of the event itself and we’ll peek into day two’s morning. I’d also like to say now that if I did not get your car, I apologize. It’s hard to get every single car, especially considering I’m on foot all day. The track is a few miles long and I’m walking that a few times a day. Occasionally I won’t shoot whole sessions because I just need a break myself. Also since I wasn’t a driver this […]