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ITR Expo 13 Part 10: The Conclusion

I apologize for the huge delay between part 9 and 10. I know a lot of you wanted prints so I was double checking that the new store I implemented was working, to find out that it wasn’t. It’s still in the process of trying to be fixed so for now here’s part 10. For those that want prints in the mean time, you can either email me at keith.meilink@gmail.com or shoot me a message on the forums or FB. Sale pricing is as follows: 8×10: $12 shipped 19×13: $35 shipped 24×36: $65 shipped.  

ITR Expo 13: Part 8 The never ending coverage

Yup that’s right, we’re still not done. Here I bring you part 8 of what will end up being a 10 part series. I’ve also been getting a lot of requests for prints. If you look over to your left, I have a shop set up where you can purchase them. I’m still working on adding different products, but for those that want a specific print of your car, http://www.meilinkvision.com/product/print-of-your-choice/  Just make sure you include a link to the image in the notes section during checkout so I know what you want printed. Also you may want to wait until the […]

ITR Expo 13 Part 7: The Driver Profiles

Well another Expo has been put on the books. Now that everyone is back home enjoying the holiday weekend, it’s time to try and finish up the Expo 13 coverage. For today you’ll be getting all the images I took for this year’s Driver Profiles, published and unpublished. For those unaware, this year for the Honda Tuning coverage  I followed around four people to give an idea of what the event is like from a driver’s perspective. I wanted to provide an assortment of views, which is what chose me to pick who I did. We have: Andy: representing the instructors […]